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When we are born there are two things we fear: sudden, loud noises and falling. That’s it. So where does every other fear we possess come from? They are all learned – a reflection of our lives and experience thus far.  No matter what we do or where we go, it follows us around like our own personal shadow, whispering in our minds the what-ifs and why you should not. They can be debilitating sometimes, holding us back from many new experiences and our true potential, but there are those who have overcome their fears or used them as fuel to get ahead. But how do they do it? This article will give you the best books on overcoming fear.

Best Books on Overcoming Fear


If you are looking to start the next chapter of your life by conquering your fears and getting out of old behaviours. Nancy Pickard definitely practices what she preaches, she re-invented herself, climbing Kilimanjaro at 61 and said goodbye to the fears holding her back from living the life she always wanted to. Using stories, tips, and useful exercises and meditations, this book will change your life by demonstrating the power of conquering your fears. You will definitely learn to live your best life by implementing the lessons learned in this book.

 📘 BOOK #2

Stop Overthinking by Stephen Scott

Discover more about:

  • The science behind overthinking
  • Relieving anxiety to reduce overthinking
  • Learning about ‘worry’ and its relationship with overthinking
  • Improving emotional intelligence to better understand your emotions and thoughts

Overthinking and fear go hand in hand without a doubt which is why this book is on the list. Overthinking is damaging to your goals and self-confidence, holding you back from the life you have always dreamed of. The worst thing is that overthinking is self-inflicted. Why hold yourself back? Ridding yourself of overthinking is a journey that only you can complete and this book will provide you with the guide you need. It will help you learn about your personal overthinking habits, understanding where it stems from and how to overcome it. Different strategies are provided for the reader depending on their personal experiences. These will get you to further explore your fears and doubts, thereby fulling getting control of your life and thoughts.

 📘 BOOK #3

Be Fearless by Jean Case

Discover more about:

  • Bringing about transformational change
  • Taking risks
  • Learning from failure
  • Conquering fear

In this book, author Jean Case shares her findings after investigating the core qualities of the greatest change-makers of all time. She shares the five traits she found to be common amongst them: they made big bets, took risks, learned from their failures, stepped out of their comfort zone and conquered their fears. This book provides strategies, practical tips and inspiration to get you to be truly fearless where it counts.

 📘 BOOK #4

Do It Scared by Ruth Soukop

Discover more about:

  • Identifying your own unique “Fear Archetype” – the specific type of fear that keeps you stuck
  • Thinking bigger about your life and your goals.
  • Embracing the core beliefs you need to overcome different types of fears.
  • Letting go of guilt, once and for all.

Popular blogger and podcast host Ruth Soukop brings you this book which aims to motivate you to suck it up and get going despite your fears. The fears that we possess will always hold us back from our true potential saying that we are not smart enough, capable enough and that we will be laughed at and rejected. They all stem from the common fear of failure. This book deals with courage and overcoming obstacles by accepting our fears but not letting them stop us from pursuing greatness. It does this by providing tips and the motivation to start making real changes that lead to your desired results. Nothing is wrong with fear, it’s quite possible to Do It Scared!

 📘 BOOK #5

Conquer Fear! By Lisa Jimenez

Discover more about:

  • Identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • Stopping procrastination and self-sabotage
  • Raising your self-esteem and confidence levels
  • Creating momentum to stay motivated

This book, filled with humour, provides a three-step process that will help you overcome your fear. Lisa Jimenez provides personal stories which will help the reader truly understand how they are limiting themselves from higher levels of success by believing their fears. She also points out the big fear, not of failure, but the one of success and how it influences our lives. In understanding why you do things, you will be able to break the cycle of repelling success. You will develop a belief system based on psychology and spirituality which is central to conquering your fears and becoming unstoppable.

 📘 BOOK #6

Empower Your Fear by Scott Allen

Discover more about:

  • Doing things that scare you
  • Adapting you your fear
  • Using fear as a motivator
  • The 7 habits which keep you fearful

Scott Allen takes a strong approach in this book, providing readers with real strategies to doing things that scare them. He describes how the solution lies in not getting rid of the fears that control you, but rather in adapting to them and using them as a motivator to take action. Using his personal journey, Scott Allen will show you how these strategies will change your life for the better. By implementing the effective strategies in this book, you will soon be able to master any fear while building greater confidence in your life, work and relationships.

 📘 BOOK #7

The Art of Fear by Kristen Ulmer

Discover more about:

  • The misunderstood emotion that is fear
  • Our misguided actions due to fear
  • Shift – a mindfulness tool
  • Underlying causes of fear-based problems

Kristen Ulmer provides this thought-provoking book about why understanding your fears is much more fulfilling than simply ignoring them. In order to truly conquer your fears, you can’t simply ignore them to move forward, you have to understand them so that whenever they pop up we do not react mindlessly. The author takes the time to explore why fear has come to be viewed as negative before delving into experiencing fear in a more authentic way.

 📘 BOOK #8

Conquering Fear By Harold S. Kushner

Discover more about:

  • How to overcome fear
  • Fear making us better people
  • Finding empowerment through prayer, service and education
  • Living boldly and purposely

A more spiritual book, Harold S. Kushner teaches readers to confront, master and even embrace fear to achieve a more fulfilling life. He uses true stories of people who have faced their fears to show how fear presents us with different opportunities to change our lives for the better. With practical steps to follow no matter what your fear is, be it a failure, success, death, hopelessness; this book will help you conquer it.

 📘 BOOK #9

This book, first published in 1948, is a timeless example of how worrying and fear serves to limit our true potential. The book’s goal is to lead the reader to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life, helping them to become more aware of, not only themselves but others around them. Broken down into nine sections, Dale Carnegie takes the reader through simple ways of identifying, understanding and eliminating worry in your life whilst subtly addressing your fears as well.

 📘 BOOK #10

David Leads takes a unique approach in this book. He surveyed 50 readers and found 15 major fears which were repeated numerous times. This book deals with these 15 major fears. By defining these fears, the author believes that you will be able to better understand them and inevitably gain control over them stopping them from controlling you. Ranging from fear of failure to death of a loved one this book provides what we need to learn more about ourselves and our true potential if we move past what holds us back.

These 10 books on overcoming fear are a great step forward if you feel that your fears are holding you back from living your life. If we let it, fear is a powerful enough emotion that can easily take control, paralyze us and prevent us from achieving our highest potential. But these books prove that there are ways to understand and conquer your fears in order to make positive changes in your life.  No matter your fear, you can conquer it if you just have the courage to take the first step. These books are all currently available on Audible and be sure to check out our other reading lists to find more books to help you be the best possible you!

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