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When you hear the word “manipulation” it usually has a negative connotation. That is to be expected because no one wants to be manipulated into doing anything. But whether you realize it or not dark psychology and manipulation is a common technique employed by many people and companies which influence our everyday lives. So, what’s stopping you from doing the same to get ahead? There are plenty of books on manipulation that you can learn from and this article takes a looks on the best books on manipulation that will teach you how to use psychological manipulation. 

What is Dark Psychology?

Dark psychology is also one of those terms that seem ominous and that should be steered clear of. However, it’s actually become a way to describe the phenomenon by which people use tactics of motivation, persuasion, manipulation, and coercion to get what they want. More importantly, it can be either good or bad, it all depends on the person using it and their intentions.

Why would you use Psychological Manipulation?

First of all, psychological manipulation can be used for good. Just take a look at the numerous non-profits and charities which employ this tactic to change people’s perspectives and help them make positive changes. Or companies where managers employ psychological manipulation to positively influence their workers (it’s rare, I know, but it does sometimes happen!). Now imagine if you had the same knowledge about psychological manipulation and was able to use it to positively influence those around you? Sounds good, doesn’t it? What’s even better is that the books on manipulation recommended in this article will not only teach you that but will also help you identify negative manipulators in your life. Let’s take a look.


This book by David Green is more of an introduction to dark psychology and how you can identify and defend yourself from it. As much as dark psychology sounds like a scary term, the book takes the time to describe how dark psychology can be an effective skill to develop and master for yourself if you have to interact with other people. This is definitely one of the best books on manipulation that you should try.

 📘 BOOK #2

This book by Edward Benedict explores ways to control the minds of others using easy techniques. Now, this is mind control in order to create a more perfect mindset and to enable clearer thinking. Not mind control in the sense of superheroes! If used correctly, this type of manipulation will enable a better level of achievement in personal goals. The book also discusses how to influence others to assist us in reaching our personal goals.

 📘 BOOK #3

Perfect for both your professional and personal life, this book by Brandon Goleman is centered around emotional intelligence. You may wonder what that has to do with dark psychology and manipulation, but emotional intelligence is an important step to knowing yourself and those around you. The book provides techniques and suggestions for living a happier and more successful life by putting your knowledge of emotional intelligence to work for you.

 📘 BOOK #4

This collection of seven books is also centered around emotional intelligence. Norman Empath brings you ways in which to understand your emotions and the emotions of those around you. The author explains how this emotional intelligence will help you make others feel good about themselves and open up to positive persuasion. The book will also teach you how to become disciplined and motivated in achieving your goals by understanding your own emotions. 

 📘 BOOK #5


Discover more about:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Dark psychology
  • Body language 
  • Manipulation

This collection of six books by Daniel Spade teaches you how to master your thoughts and use them to your advantage. Whether it’s at work or in a personal relationship, manipulation strategies can be used to help you achieve your goals. Each book is carefully written to explain each concept and provide a guide to mastering these manipulation techniques for any situation. In addition, the author gives practical examples which makes understanding these techniques much clearer. 

 📘 BOOK #6

This book by Robert Meyer is an excellent guide to manipulation in all its forms. The author describes how persuasion differs from manipulation and how to protect yourself from manipulators. By being able to quickly read people and their body language, you will be able to identify the deceptive manipulators and positive influencers. Moreover, you will be able to learn how to use your words and body language to influence those around you.

 📘 BOOK #7


Discover more about:

  • Understanding how people think
  • Changing people’s behavior
  • Bridging the gap between good intentions and good actions

As a highly experienced businessman, Brain Ahearn chose to study the power of influence in changing people’s behavior and moving them into action. A bit more polite than using the word manipulation, this book uses case studies to effectively explain how understanding how people think will help you get them to take the actions you want. It is focused more on professional goals but will still give you a great introduction on how to influence people.

 📘 BOOK #8

Robert Leary teaches you how to master the amazing skill of dark psychology and how to convince others to do whatever you want whenever you want. In addition, the author will teach you how to protect your mind from others as well, so manipulators with evil intent can’t convince you to do or think whatever they want. 

 📘 BOOK #9

Using case studies, Jacob Anderson effectively explains how manipulation is used every day by people to get what they want. He explains how public speakers, politicians and corporations use dark psychology to get what they want out of people be it results, compliance, votes or purchases.  He then takes you through how you can achieve the same results using simple techniques.

In Summary:

I find it extremely interesting how so many of these books have similar titles. Guess it goes to show how dark psychology and manipulation have become a hot topic in the age we live in. All these books on manipulation are excellent introductions into the world of manipulation and dark psychology. In trying them out, you will learn how these tactics are used more often than you realize by the most unlikely sources. By learning to master these techniques, you will have an advantage in both your professional and personal life. 

Emotional intelligence and body language play important roles in manipulation. By mastering these concepts you will be able to better gauge the people around you and the triggers which affect their decisions and actions. 

Remember, manipulation is not always a bad thing. It can be used to make positive changes in your life and in those around you!

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