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No one is perfect. How many times have you heard that saying? It can sometimes be reassuring but it can also be annoying – especially if you are a perfectionist. Whatever you do, you will always see the flaws, no matter how many people compliment your work. Depending on your resilience, it could lead to greatness by pushing your further or towards failure by making your give up as soon as something goes wrong. Either way, striving for perfection often leads to stress and anxiety which could hinder your activities. Overcoming perfectionism is not an easy feat as it is something that most of us have been working towards our whole lives. But the books on this reading list will show you that you can learn so much more if you overcome perfectionism and get rid of the stress it causes. Let’s take a closer look.

Books on Perfectionism


This book is a firm favourite on those seeking books on perfectionism. It easily guides the reader to accept themselves, flaws and all and to stop trying to be what others want you to be. The concepts are simple and easy to understand, dropping profound truths along the way that will reside with any reader. An excellent read, it’s easy to see why it is our choice on this reading list.

 📘 BOOK #2

This inspirational book by Korean monk, Haemin Sunim, shows readers how letting go of worries about themselves is an integral path to happiness and peace of mind. Instead of perfection, we should embrace our flaws for they are what makes us who we are. With chapters on self-compassion, relationships, empathy, courage, family, healing, our true nature and acceptance, this book is the ultimate guide for learning to love ourselves – imperfections and all.

 📘 BOOK #3

Stephen Guise knows from experience that perfectionism is a path filled with disappointment. His life was held back as a result of seeking perfection. He never got around to what he wanted to do because he believed it would never be good enough. All this changed when he decided to become an imperfectionist. This book shows readers why they should do the same. Imperfection is where possibilities are infinite, mistakes are allowed, and self-judgment is minimal. All the things you need to live stress-free and happy.

 📘 BOOK #4

This book serves as a guide for those who wish to overcome perfectionism and enjoy a more rewarding life. The author provides an action plan for readers to follow to reverse their compulsion to be perfect. Perfectionism will only hold you back by filling you with fear and leading you to procrastinate. This book will help readers to silence their inner critics once and for all, embrace imperfection and live without fear of others’ disapproval.

 📘 BOOK #5

The Perfectionist’s Handbook by Jeff Szymanski

Discover more about:

  • Making the most of mistakes instead of trying to avoid them
  • When perfectionism will pay off, and when and why it sabotages you.
  • Navigating away from the perfectionism paradox

Author Jeff Szymanski takes a different approach to perfectionism. He shows readers that there is no reason to eliminate perfectionism. Instead, they need to use what’s working for them and change what’s not. This, as you can imagine, involves delving deep into your perfectionism and understanding it completely. If all you want to do is excel, perfectionism should not result in stress and unhappiness. It should instead be an asset that drives you.

 📘 BOOK #6

This highly recommended book will help the reader identify where their perfectionism comes from and explore the impact it has had on their lives thus far. The strategies listed in this book have been scientifically proven help people overcome their anxiety related to perfectionism and making mistakes. An added bonus is that the books actually offers tips on how to deal with other perfectionists so the reader will know exactly what to do and how not to experience any negative repercussions. 

 📘 BOOK #7

Ann Smith has spent decades researching compulsive disorders and perfectionism is one that is common. In this book, she describes what she has discovered about perfectionism over the years and the negative connotations it entails. Readers will learn how to identify the cause of their perfectionism, self-acceptance and the importance of letting go.

 📘 BOOK #8

This book shows readers how to use mindfulness to accept the present moment in its perfect imperfection. This tried and tested method showed that readers experienced a significant reduction of self-criticism after implementing it in their lives. The book shows you how to be more flexible, both toward yourself and others and overcome perfectionism without losing your drive to succeed.

 📘 BOOK #9

Tal Ben-Shahar applies his research in positive psychology to bring readers this book on perfectionism. He reveals that the pursuit of perfect is actually the biggest obstacle to finding happiness. There is freedom in not trying to do it right all the time and mistakes provide the biggest lessons in life. 

In conclusion I’d just like to say that it’s only natural to want to avoid making mistakes, but imperfection is a part of being human. In a society that implies that we should be perfect in every way from how we look to the way we work, we are often left feeling like failures. And this is not how we should feel. If we all strive to be perfect by societies standards, everyone would be the same which, if you think about it, would be pretty boring. Our flaws are what make us who we are, our mistakes are what teach us and what we lack should give us motivation to gain, not insecurities to dwell upon. The books on perfection in this reading list will provide you with the stepping stones you need to getting to that place of embracing yourself and life in all its perfect imperfection!

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